How the Revolutionary Penomet Premium Penis Pump Works: Enjoy as You Grow

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Penomet premium penis pump is a revolutionary penis enlargement device that has been specifically created by industry experts. The unique penis extender device offers a powerful and proven method to enlarge the penis. This is a male enlargement pump that offers customers exactly what they want.

The highly effective water assisted penis extender pro is different from the other similar products available in the market. The innovative gaiter system allows to comfortably, safely and gradually increase the pressure. As the pressure is applied uniformly all over the penis, it allows it to grow in length and girth.

The two-part design of this penis enlargement pump and interchangeable gaiters offer a penis extender device that is effective and scalable. Most men are able to see a visible difference within 15 minutes of usage. With regular use the length of the penis can increase as much as 3 inches in length and 30% in girth.

How Does the Best Male Enlargement Pump Work?

If you want best results, you need to use the manhood enlargement pump with water. The air vacuum driven cheaper pumps and stretchers tend to compress and then expand air without enlarging the penis in equal proportions. The biggest disadvantage of using the air vacuum pumps is that they result in enlargement in some areas and some areas are left unaffected.

Penomet premium penis pump overcomes this by using water. This ensures equal volume and pressure is provided within the cylinder. The unique design of the Penomet ensures that when compression of the pump stops, the valve (non-return) that is at the end of the cylinder closes automatically and the gaiter expands. Thanks to this feature, pressure is applied equally to the penis.

A total of five interchangeable gaiters are offered along with the best male enhancement pump available in the market. The different gaiters enable you to gradually increase the pressure of the device. Users of this unique pump may be able to gain 65% more penile growth compared to those using a pump with a fixed single gaiter.

What Is the Difference Between the Gaiters?

·         Force 60 – The Force 60 is the lowest gaiter strength that is available. This is ideal for first time users and beginners. Avoid starting with the strongest pump as this can cause discomfort and pain. These are the usual risks that are associated with conventional air pumps. The gaiter is purple in color and slips over the bottom of the tube.

·          Force 65 – The gaiter is blue in color. It is the next in strength after the beginner gaiter and is more powerful than the 60. The varying strengths of the pump are ideal to build pressure in a safe manner. Users can alternate between different strengths during the exercise sessions. This gives the penis growth process some variation.

 ·         Force 70 – The gaiter is black in color and is the middle strength gaiter available. It comes with Penomet Extra and Standard packages.

 ·         Force 75 – The gaiter is grey in color and it is just one step away from the strongest pump. The male enhancement pump is available with the premium package. This is ideal for users who do not want stronger strengths.

 ·         Force 80 – This is the strongest gaiter and is available in red color if you buy the premium package. It is an awesome pump that provides maximum pressure and is best for men who want to gain maximum penis length and girth.

The best aspect of the Penomet penis enlargement pump is that it is upgradeable. It does not take long to switch from one gaiter to the other. If you are using an organ enlargement pump for the first time, it is advisable to use the lowest gaiter and then gradually move to the strongest gaiter. This enables you to get used to the different pressure that is exerted on the penis.

Use a different set of gaiter for each week for 15 – 30 minutes each day. If you feel any kind of discomfort or pain, you may reduce the length of time you use it each day. When you alternate between the different gaiters this may give you more time to get used to the pressure.

How to Clean the Penomet Penis Pump?

Keeping the penis pump clean is not just good for your hygiene but also helps guarantee a longer gaiter life. Cleaning the gaiters ensures that they are soft and flexible. The valve on the cylinder also needs to be cleaned so that any kind of dirt build-up is prevented. Bacteria build-up is also prevented with regular cleaning.

Every component of the best male enlargement product has been designed and manufactured keeping the comfort and safety of the user in mind. You can be assured of the quality of the product as it has been tested and certified by various reputed organizations that specialize in the testing of such male enhancement products.

The material that is used in the manufacture of the penis pump is of medical quality and this makes it completely safe to come in contact with the penis. A lot of attention is paid to the smallest details and this has helped manufacture a pump that is comfortable for men of all sizes and shapes. Men of all ages can safely use the device without fear of any kind of side effects.

Penomet is the only penis pump in the world that has been certified with a CE marking. This means that the manufacturing process has been in compliance with the strict European standards.  Read more penis extender reviews so that you are aware of the pros and cons of the penis pump and are able to make an informed choice.


It is important that you use the Penomet premium penis pump as instructed, if you want to achieve the desired results. Most men who do not achieve the desired results are those that are not using the device as instructed. The manufacturers are so confident about this unique product that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. 

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