How to Use Hydromax (Bathmate) to Gain Maximum Girth on Your Penis

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Are you serious about penis enlargement? Are you willing to put the effort to achieve the desired results? Hydromax is the ultimate penis extender tool that can enable you to gain penis length, girth and strong and hard erections. Not many devices add as much girth as does Hydromax (BathMate). The penis stretcher pump is completely safe for use and with just 15 minutes per session you may be able to optimize your sexual health.

What Are the Different Types of Hydromax (Bathmate) Pumps?

Bathmate Series

The Bathmate series is a truly innovative male enlargement pump. Bathmate Hercules and Bathmate Goliath are the two popular safe penis enlargements pumps preferred by millions of men all over the world.

·         Bathmate Hercules – The penis pump has been designed to be used in the shower or bath and is a convenient and safe way to exercise the penis. Regular use of the hydro-device leads to harder and longer lasting erections.

·         Bathmate Goliath – This penis extender device is 30% larger than the Bathmate Hercules and is one of the largest hydro pumps in the world. The pump has been specifically designed to accommodate a larger manhood.

Hydromax X-Series

This newly introduced “bellows” pump is not just safe and comfortable but gives stronger boost for quicker and greater gains. The bellows system in the new extender for men creates greater suction and provides a lot of flexibility. Increase in bellows size and reduction in number of convolutions help one increase his girth more quickly.

The soft comfort pads provide a tighter and comfortable seal against the body. The comfort pads provide a sturdy and strong shield around the penis. The pads can be easily removed for general hygiene and cleaning.

The valve that controls the flow of water has also been changed in this device. The new switch or latch that is added to the device prevents water from dripping out when filling the device. This simple but effective change has enabled you to fill it with water with one hand while leaving the other one free to get the accessories ready.

The new valve has been designed in such a way that it can hold pressure for a longer time. The slow pressure release mechanism ensures that you do not over pump in your zeal to achieve a faster erection and this keeps you safe at all times.

The measuring guide on the front of the X-series pump has also been re-designed. This includes both metric and imperial measurements. This enables you to track the progress in a clear measuring scale that you can understand.

 Hydromax Xtreme Series

The Xtreme series is ideal for men who want to get the very best from the male enhancement pump. The device comes with the best accessories you can ask for and is considered the ultimate enhancement pump in the world.

The Xtreme is among the first of the hydro pumps that has the option of a detachable handball pump. Although it can be used as a standard penis pump, the handball takes it to a different level. You can choose to attach the handball directly to the pump valve or use it as an optional tube.

How Does the Hydromax Penis Enlargement Pump Work?

Before you start understanding how the penis extender pump works you need to know more about your penis and what happens when you have an erection.

The penis is divided into three chambers. The two large chambers are on top. The erectile tissue known as corpora cavernosa and a smaller chamber at the bottom. This chamber is known as carpus spongiosum and is used to urinate and ejaculate.

The brain releases a hormone when you become sexually aroused and this sends blood to the penis, filling the erectile tissue. The corpora cavernosa fills to the maximum and this gives you a strong and firm erection.

The Hydromax pump exercises the penis by expanding the chambers so that they can accommodate more blood. Most men see a visible difference within a few weeks. The thickness of your penis increases followed by an increase in length. The flaccid state also gets bigger.

The gain is nearly ½ inch and upwards within 1 – 3 months of use of the Hydromax pump. The more you use the male enlargement pump, the longer your penis becomes. It is recommended that you use this natural enlargement device for at least 15 minutes daily.

The best results are achieved with repeated inflation and deflation during the 15-minute session. The first time you use the penis extender device you may be able to see visible but temporary results. If you want permanent results you need to use the best penis extender regularly and for a prolonged period of time. All that it takes is a little bit of effort to see amazing development in length and girth and improved performance in bed.

What Are the Various Hydromax Pump Accessories?

Shower Strap

The shower strap has been designed to keep your hands free when you are using the Hydromax pump in the shower. The nylon straps are comfortable around the neck and can be easily adjusted. The strap has a tough plastic ring that is fitted to the end and takes the weight off the pump. The ingenious device enables you to shower naturally without having to hold the pump during each session.

Capsule Case

The waterproof capsule case keeps the Hydromax pump safe and protected when not in use. This can enable you to keep the contents private and the attachment ring is useful in hanging it in the bathroom.

Cleaning Kit

It is important that you keep the Hydromax pump clean and hygienic at all times. The cleaning kit enables you to achieve this easily. The soft sponge head ensures that the inside of the bellows is cleaned in a thorough manner. Regular cleaning helps avoid build-up of bacteria in the pump and prevents infection of any kind.

Is the Hydromax Pump Safe for Use?


The natural male enlargement pumps are completely safe for use. All pumps are manufactured from specially selected medical grade materials. The skin safe and phthalate free materials are clinically tested and have undergone many dermatological tests. This has made the Hydromax (Bathmate) completely safe for use in the sensitive genital area. 

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