How to Use Phallosan Penis Enlargement Device to Enlarge your Penis

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There are many reasons for men wanting a larger penis and although there are many methods to achieve it, you do need to remember that not all of them are as successful as they claim. The Phallosan penis enlargement device delivers on its promise and enables you to gain maximum length and girth. 

The Phallosan Forte is a patented penis enlargement system that delivers the result through continuous elongation. The special vacuum method that is used ensures that the penis not just increases in length but in girth as well. The elongation of the penis is done in a gentle and safe way. 

The penis extender can be worn comfortably under the clothes and does not affect your daily life. A large penis can only be achieved with a penis stretcher that combines the vacuum and elongation system. 

How does the Phallosan work? 

The length and girth of the penis is extended using progressive tension. Continuous tension is provided by the strap that is wrapped around the midsection that holds the silicone bell. The penis head is secured using suction. If you find this to be complex, you can watch the video that is available online on the official website of Phallosan. 

Getting the desired results with a penis extender takes time and this is the reason comfort becomes such an important factor. If there is any kind of discomfort associated with a penis stretcher, men may not prefer wearing them for a prolonged period of time. 

The unique design of the Phallosan Forte helps overcome the problem of prolonged use by incorporating a plastic tip that holds the gland with suction. This allows the penis to be in continuous traction without impeding blood flow to the genital area. 

When continuous tension is exerted, the fascia of the penis is stretched resulting in small micro tears. The body then sends blood and collagen to repair and grow the area that is stretched. The formation of new tissue ensures that the length and girth of the penis is permanent. 

How often should the Phallosan be worn?

One of the important things that you need to remember is that the natural male enlargement device has be worn continuously and regularly. If you do not do this, you may not be able to see the desired results. 

The penis extender device needs to be worn for at least 6 – 8 hours daily. You may be able to achieve faster success when you wear it longer. There are many men that wear the male enlargement device for nearly 12 hours without feeling any kind of discomfort. The unique design ensures that the penis head does not slip out. 

Phallosan is one of the best male enlargement device that can be worn comfortably when you are asleep. The ability to wear it during the night gives it a huge advantage over other similar devices that are available in the market. The direction of the pull needs to be changed every two days for better results. 

It is advisable to wear the natural enlargement device when the penis is flaccid. If you wear the device when the penis is erect, you may experience some pain and pressure on the head of the penis. Remove the device during urination for hygienic reasons. 

You need to wear the device for at least 6 months if you want to see permanent results. If you wear it for a shorter period of time you may see some amount of retraction in the size of the penis when you stop wearing it. 

Is the strap or belt washable? 

The belt or strap around the midsection can be washed at 30° C. All parts that come into contact with the skin have been tested for contaminants and this makes it extremely safe to be worn for longer durations. 

Can the device be used by men of any age? 

The device can be used safely by men of any age. Detailed instructions for use are available on the official website and you can make use of the photographs and video to understand how the device needs to be used. 

Are there any risks associated with the use of Phallosan? 

The penis extender device is extremely safe to use. You do need to follow all the instructions when wearing the device to avoid any kind of discomfort, pain or injury. Avoid wearing the device if there is an open wound or injury on the penis. The other reasons that the Phallosan device should not be used include:

• After consumption of alcohol. 

• Consumption of pain killers and drugs.

• Consumption of sleeping pills and sedatives. 

The main reason why you need to avoid wearing the penis enlargement device is that alcohol and drugs may affect the natural sensitivity to discomfort and pain if the belt is not worn properly. 

Cure for Peyronie’s Disease or Penile Curve 

Nearly 5% of men are affected by peyronie’s disease or penile curve as it is commonly known. In some extreme cases the curve can reach up to 90 degrees. Phallosan Forte has been found to be effective in reducing the curvature of the penis by at least 30%. The device has also been found to be useful in treating erectile dysfunction and is recommended by urologists all over the world. 

Avoid cheap stretchers as they can cause more harm than good. You may experience a lot of discomfort and pain if you do not choose a good and reputed extender for men. 

Phallosan has become a popular choice of men looking to enlarge their penis in a natural way. The biggest advantage of using this device is that it can be worn longer without any kind of discomfort. This enables you to wear it daily for the recommended period. You may be able to achieve quicker and better results when you wear it as recommended. 

As the male enlargement device not just promotes gains in length but also gains in girth, it has become one of the most sought after male enlargement products available in the market. 

If you really are committed to enlarging your penis, improving your performance in bed and gain enormous confident in the company of women, Phallosan is your best option.


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