How to Use the Jes Extender Safely and Effectively

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Jes Extender (claimed as the best value device in the penis extender/enlargement device market) is one of the most popular penis extender devices in the world. It is widely endorsed by medical professionals and the company that develops these extenders is one of the pioneers in male organ enlargement devices. It is a product that has been specifically designed with medical knowledge and is based on a technology known as traction to increase length of the penis shaft.

Traction technology has been medically proven to deliver results based on clinical studies. When a steady stretch is applied to the penis shaft, it results in cells dividing and multiplying. This process is popularly known as cytokinesis. With regular use the tissue growth throughout the penis becomes permanent. This results in a substantial increase in penis length and girth.

What Are the Wide Range of Jes Extender Penis Stretcher Packs Available?

Jes Extender Original

The Jes Extender Original is one of the most popular penis enlargement devices used by men all over the world. The device uses traction technology applying constant and gentle pressure on your manhood. This enlarges the penis length and girth by multiplying and expanding cells in the penile region. The natural enlargement device has been specifically designed to correct penile curvature (also, known as Peyronie’s disease).

All that you need to do is to wear the natural male enlargement device for six hours daily and you may be able to see visible results within a few weeks. The extender is discreet and easy to wear and you can wear it under your clothes without raising the faintest suspicion.

Jes Extender Light

The new and incredibly lightweight device strikes the perfect balance between affordability and efficiency. It increases the size of your manhood with controlled traction without you having to resort to surgery or the use of pills and creams. The light version of extender can be worn painlessly for longer periods of time and this enables you to get great long term results.

The penis extender is a class 1 medical device and comes with an instructional DVD on how to use it in an effective manner. It is one of the most affordable devices in the Jes Extender range of penis enlargement devices.  It is ideal for men using the male enhancement product for the first time.

Jes Extender Silver

The male enlargement device is completely plated in sterling silver. With its unique traction force it offers all the benefits of the original device and is available in a stylish mahogany box with extra accessories. The penis stretcher increases both erect and flaccid size. The device is available with eight extender rods to gently control tension. It is suitable for all penis sizes and shapes.

When the Jes Extender Silver is used as instructed you may be able to see visible results in length and girth within eight weeks. An instructional DVD enables you to use the device and the extender rods properly so that you achieve the desired results without much of an effort.

Jes Extender Gold

The premium extender device comes plated in 24-carat gold with a complete spare parts kit. The Velcro strap that comes with the extender ensures safety during use of the device. The unique traction force of this extender for men stretches the tissue cells gently resulting in increase in length and girth of your penis.

If you want to experience considerable gains you need to wear the device for at least six hours daily. The adjustment bars that come along with the extender can help control tension. The Jes Extender Gold is effective in overcoming Peyronie’s disease. There are no known side effects to this device and you can wear it comfortably for prolonged periods of time.

Jes Extender Platinum

The clinically proven extender device is platinum plated. The premium edition offers a complete package and comes with comfort straps. A set of four elongation bars are also available with the device and they help control tension to promote increase in penis length and size. The extender device is created with medical grade materials and is stain and rust resistant.

The unique design of the penis extender supports the natural ability of the human body to successfully multiply and grow. This is done by applying gentle pressure on the shaft of the penis. This in turn multiplies the number of cells to repair the tissues that are pulled slowly. The inevitable result is an increase in size of the penis.

Jes Extender Titanium

The best penis extender is made from highest grade titanium and is suitable for multiple uses. It comes in an aluminium case with improved comfort features. With 1200gm of traction, it offers the best results that no other penis extender device does. Due to its effectiveness, it is widely recommended by urologists and doctors. It is also a great product to use if you are suffering from Peyronies disease.

The Jes Extender Titanium is extremely safe to use and works its magic by the unique method of cytokinesis. If you want to ensure maximum benefit from this device, you need to use it as recommended for at least 6 hours daily for 8 weeks. The comfort features enable you to wear the device without experiencing any kind of discomfort for prolonged periods.

One of the best aspects of using the wide range of Jes Extender devices is that you do not need medical experience or assistance to use them. The instructional DVDs that are available with all the devices make it really easy even for first time users. The use of the device does not interfere with your normal sexual life. The extender works its magic on men of all ages.

The decision to choose the best penis extender device is not an easy one as there are so many devices making claims of providing the best results. You may wish to read other penis extender reviews online so that you are aware of the pros and cons of each device. The Jes Extender company is so confident of its product that it offers a money back guarantee if you do not see visible results.



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