ViMax Extender: Key Features, Advantages and Disadvantages Compared to Euro Extender and Jes Extender

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If there is one thing that most men may shy away from talking, it is the size of their penis. A vast majority of men feel inadequate when it comes to the size of their manhood and are always looking for ways to enhance it. The penis enlargement market has many products that make big promises but deliver nothing. 

The ViMax Extender is different from the other penis extender products that are available in the market. The extender is designed using traction technique. These techniques are popular and are used extensively in treatment of various ailments. 

Traditional orthopaedic surgeons have been using this technique to encourage bone growth. It is also commonly used in surgery for tissue expansion. If the extender device is used correctly, you may be able to see permanent results within a few weeks. This can greatly boost your sexual performance in bed. 

Key Features 

One of the things that makes ViMax Extender different is that this penis stretcher does not force the penis to elongate. This male enlargement product is designed in such a way that it uses only those areas that can maximize the enlargement. 

This penis enlargement device has been approved by specialists and recommended by leading urologists to their patients. 

• The best penis extender can facilitate penile growth by asserting a traction force that is measured and constant. 

• It adds extra inches to penis length and girth. 

• The male enlargement device can correct up to 75% of penile curvature and deviations. 

The safe penis enlargement device is the best way to enlarge your penis. The special design makes it an easy to achieve the results in a painless manner. The manufacturers of this best male enlargement product are so confident about the design and performance that they offer a 6-month money back guarantee. 

How does the ViMax Extender work? 

During a penile erection, the brain releases hormones that are responsible to send blood to the genital region. The corpora cavernosa is that part of the penis that fills with the maximum blood during erection. The size of the penis is thus limited by the size of the corpora cavernosa. 

The penis extender device applies constant and gentle force along the shaft of the penis. The gentle force slowly stretches the penis tissue. This causes the natural cells to regenerate and multiply in such a way that they accommodate the tissue that has been stretched. 

The tissue expansion and cell regeneration result in increase in both length and girth of the penis. When the penis tissue is stretched, it allows more blood to flow through the penis and this ensures a bigger penis. 

If you are using the penis stretcher device for the first time, all that you need to do is to adjust the extender to the size of your member. If necessary, you can add the additional extension rods that are available to the existing ones so that the extender fits properly. 

The size of the device is based on the plastic ring at the base to the upper part of the extension rod. You do not have to worry if the penis extender does not fit properly. A full range of extension bars are available and you can make use of them to fit any size. After you have adjusted the size, you can choose to fit the device. 

One of the important things that you need to remember is that the penis should not be erect when you put on the device. It is advisable to use it when the penis is flaccid. You can use the device even when you are circumcised. 

Advantages of ViMax Extender

• The extender can increase both the length and girth of the penis. The adjustable traction force technique ensures an increase in the length and girth in the most natural way possible. 

• Most men suffering from curved penis condition may be able to see a significant improvement in their condition. 

• The longer and thicker penis may result in enhanced sexual performance. 

• The extender is small and can be discreetly worn under your clothes. The device has hinges that fold when you sit or walk. 

• It is easy to slide on and off. The device is tough and sturdy but you do need to avoid any strenuous physical activity, as this may cause injuries to the tissues and head of the penis.  

The manual that is provided with the ViMax Extender should act as a guide on how to use it. If you use it in a proper way, you may be able to see visible and permanent results within a few weeks of use. The adjustable traction technique is one of the best ways to enlarge your penis naturally. 

Disadvantages of ViMax Extender

• The ViMax Extender is not for everyone. If you are suffering from diabetics or respiratory problems, you may not be able to use the device. 

• As the device uses noose fixation technique some men may not feel comfortable wearing it for a longer period of time. 

Euro Extender and Jes Extender are the other male enhancement products that are available in the market. It is best to know about these products so that you may be able to make the correct choice. 

Cons of Euro Extender 

• The claims that are made by the manufacturer look unbelievable. You may have to use the device for a longer period of time to get visible results. 

• Time and commitment is necessary if you want the device to work its magic. 

Cons of Jes Extender 

• The device is expensive when compared to other best male enhancement products that are available. 

• You need to use the device for prolonged period of time if you want permanent results. 

The ViMax Extender is one of the best male organ enlargement device available in the market. If you want the best results you need to follow the manual that is provided when you purchase the device. It is advisable to read reviews about the product so that you are able to choose wisely. 

So if you want to be able to satisfy your woman with a bigger penis, get the Jes Extender now! 



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