According to some women and even men a hard penis is more important than a big one.  There is anecdotal evidence that women prefer a penis that remains rock-hard for a long time to a big penis that is not hard enough.  Maybe that is partly because the hardness of the penis really communicates the level of a man’s desire for his woman but it also better demonstrates the man’s virility.

A hard penis is the basis for a satisfying sexual life. Therefore, it may be surprising that there is not more focus on penis hardness rather than penis size. Perhaps, you always have the ability and stamina to please your partner the way she craves to be pleased.  But if you don’t, KEGEL EXERCISE will help it happen.  In sum, whether you are soft man wanting to become hard, or a hard man wanting to become even harder, the KEGEL is the number one exercise to get the job done.

There are numerous of benefits from using Kegel exercises including the following:

·         Healthier prostate (less risk of benign enlargement or cancer of the prostate)

·         Longer lasting erections (hardness)

·         Multiple orgasms

·         Cure for premature ejaculation

·         Improved penile blood flow

·         Better control of ejaculation, which leads to superior sexual stamina

·         An increase in penis size (thanks to better blood flow)

·         A cure for post-nucturition dribble (in which urine consistently dribbles from the penis at the end of an urination session)

Some Kegeling users have reported that the exercise helped them enlarge the head of their penis.  The head is considered one the best parts of the penis to enlarge because it is the first part of your penis that your partner will feel during an intercourse. Therefore, the Kegel is the first and the most important exercise that you will learn. In fact, if there is only one exercise you would do to help your penis the KEGEL would be the one.

The best part is that Kegel barely takes any time so the multiple benefits mentioned above make the short time well spent. As far as the penis exercises go, the Kegel is also the only exercise that does not involve exercising the (outer) penis, but instead real skeletal muscles.

The Kegel strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, which are skeletal muscles in the same class as your biceps, triceps and abs. The pelvic floor muscles are located at the “root” of the inner penis  - roughly half of the penis is actually inside the body, and this half is encircled with the pelvic floor muscles. The only way to exercise these muscles is with your mind, not with your hands. And because the Kegel requires nothing but the will of your mind, you can Kegel anywhere, anytime, without anyone ever knowing.

Healthy pelvic floor muscles are essential to a healthy penis. Many doctors and sexual experts define the pelvic floor muscles as the sex muscles because of their heavy influence on the penis and therefore sex. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide the benefits you just read earlier, weak pelvic floor muscles often result in weak erections and premature ejaculation.

Finding your pelvic floor muscles

1.       Go the bathroom and urinate

2.       Stop urinating mid-flow. The muscles used to clamp off your urine are your pelvic floor muscles. You should feel the muscles contract every time you stop urinating. If you didn’t feel it, try stopping again. This time, place two fingers on your perineum – the area between your testicles and anus – while stopping.  You should be able to feel your muscles contracting with your fingers.

3.       Once you locate the muscles, contract them when you aren’t urinating. Each contraction is a kegel.




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