Here are the key things you need to know about penis enlargement exercises.

Penis Exercises for Penis Workout– Simply put, penis exercises work out the penis to make the penis bigger and harder.  Just like other exercises for other body parts, penis enlargement exercises are designed to give your penis a workout.

Know Your Penis Composition – The penis consists of smooth muscle and sponge-like tissues.  Penis exercises are aimed at exercising the smooth muscle tissue in your penis.

Multiple Benefits – Penis exercises provide benefits beyond just bigger size (e.g. harder erections, cure for Peyronie’s disease, cure for erectile dysfunction, etc), when carried out appropriately.

Stretching and Expansion – Most penis enlargement exercises stretch and expand the tissues to make the penis bigger.  This can be done manually or with exercise devices designed to help you exercise more effectively and realize results faster.

Penis Enlargement Takes Time – Normal penis enlargement exercise routine will take around 30 minutes a day including the warming up sessions, a few times per week, depending on your experience level and your goals.

Penis enlargement exercises can focus on strengthening the supporting, skeletal muscles of the penis, such as those in the pelvic floor, or stretching and expanding the tissue of the penis itself, causing it to generate new tissue cells. Just like exercises for other parts of your body, penis growth exercises build stronger muscle tissue and encourage new tissue cells to form, increasing tissue mass.

Penile/penis exercises can range from one basic exercise to an advanced workout regimen, consisting of multiple exercises. Just as in weight training, beginners should never start out doing advanced penis enlargement exercises. By starting with the basics in penis exercises and continually making time for your penis exercise routine, you too can benefit from time-tested techniques that have led thousands of men to develop harder, longer, thicker, healthier, and stronger penises. 

Penis Enlargement Exercise Overview

There are lots of different types of penis enlargement exercises. We’ll talk about each one, in detail, below. However, in general, most penis exercises use stretching and/or expansion to create a healthier and bigger penis.

One of the most popular penis enlargement exercises is called jelqing (a method similar to the milking of a cow). 

The jelqing method uses an OK-grip, slid up the shaft of the penis, from the base to right before the glans.  It’s a simple, but very effective exercise that brings nutrient-rich blood into the penis, while also stretching it.  It’s one of the first exercises beginning penis exercisers often start with but even advanced penis enlargement exercises routinely use it. 

Multiple Benefits of Penis Exercising

There are many sexual health benefits to doing penis exercises. The main benefit, for most men, is penis enlargement. However, it goes beyond that. These include benefits like:

• A longer penis, able to stimulate inner parts of your partner

• A penis with more girth, which is considered more important by most women

• Harder erections, which is even a better turn on than a big but soft member

• Cure for Erectile Dysfunction, which affects 3 out of 5 men before they turn 50 

• Relief for Peyronie’s disease, which affects around 10% of male population globally

• More stamina in the bedroom. Come on admit it, every man wishes they were a sex hero

• Multiple orgasms. This is self-explanatory as a key motive of sex is to receive pleasure.

There are also indirect benefits that come with exercising your penis. This is increased self-confidence outside of the bedroom. Your penis is the symbol of your masculinity. When you feel good about it, you feel good about yourself. This will positively affect every aspect of your life – personal and professional. 

Medical Research Shows That Penis Enlargement Exercises Do Work

Like any professional whose career is based in scientific fact, scientists need more than anecdotal evidence that something works, to believe something works.  They need studies, performed in clinical settings, with a diverse and large sample, with findings that are repeatable.  To date, there have been few studies on the effectiveness of penis enlargement exercises.  For this reason, the medical community is hesitant to say penis enlargement exercises work.

Although penis enlargement exercises have been somewhat of an underground activity – men, understandably, have been hesitant to openly talk about the subject.  The medical community is starting to take notice.  More studies are being performed, to show the effectiveness of properly performed penis exercise.

1. Chartham Method 

In the 1970’s, a certain Dr. Brian Richards investigated the effectiveness of one of the first penile exercise programs to be developed, known as the ‘Chartham Method’,

At the time, Dr. Richards was a renowned specialist in sexual health, with numerous books and studies to his name. So not surprisingly, an exercise routine that claimed to positively affect penis size was of particular interest to him.

To test the claims of the Chartham Method, Dr Richards’ set up a medical trial involving 32 men over a three month period.

Notably, the study claimed an overall success rate of 87.5 percent; with just two men dropping out of the trial and a further two failing to achieve any improvements.

As for the other 28 men, they all made substantial gains ranging from 0.94 to 1.4 inches in erect penis length and 0.55 – 1.2 inches in erect girth.

Not bad for three months work! 

2. Synexus & Harrison 

A couple of years ago another medical trial conducted by Synexus & Harrison Clinical Research reported even better results.

Involving 50 men, this study tested one of the current leading penis enlargement exercise guides – Penis Health (reviewed below).

According to the Synexus & Harrison research, within three months the 50 participants had achieved an average increase of 1.8 inches in erect penis length and 1.6 inches in erect girth.

All from just an average of 22 minutes of exercise per day, 5 days per week.

So as you can see, the 30 years between those two studies were far from wasted.

The continual development and refinement of penile workout routines and exercise techniques led to results that were 30 – 50 percent more pronounced than those recorded by Richards in the ’70s.

So yes, done correctly, penis exercise techniques do work. 


How do penis enlargement exercises work exactly?

Our bodies are designed to adapt to change. Although the idea of exercising to change one’s body isn’t new, it’s only within the last several decades that this concept has been applied to exercising the penis. Penis exercises work on the same principle bodybuilders use to increase their muscle mass. But, haven’t we all heard the penis isn’t a muscle?



Not true — or at least, not completely.

? First of all, there are pelvic floor muscles at the base of your penis whose strength can greatly impact the quality of your erections and your ability to last longer in bed.

? Secondly, studies have found that while the penis is not a muscle of the same type as your biceps, triceps, or quads, it is indeed made up of a large proportion of a different type of muscle tissue: smooth muscle.

In fact, the penis is 50% smooth muscle tissue! 


There must be a sufficient proportion of smooth muscle tissue in the penis for healthy erections to occur, and (contrary to what you might expect) this tissue must be able to completely relax in order for the penis to lengthen and enlarge.

The smooth muscle tissue of the penis is different from skeletal muscles (such as those located in your biceps). However, the penis muscle tissue does contribute to both the size and shape of your penis, just like those bicep muscles contribute to the size and shape of your upper arm.

“Normal smooth muscle content and function are necessary for the initiation and maintenance of erection.”

— Journal of Urology, February 2004


Penis Exercises and the Tunica

Stretches also elongate the connective tissue layers (known as the tunica) that surrounds the penis shaft. This allows further growth, as the smooth muscle tissue grows. This growth (along with the other benefits, such as curing erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and premature ejaculation) is exactly what makes penis exercises beneficial to men.

The Inner Penis 


Your penis is longer than what you might originally think. Nearly half of it your penis is hidden inside of your body. This “inner penis” is held in place by ligaments.

The inner penis can be released by stretching and elongating these ligaments, with penis exercise. This allows more of the inner penis to come forward, outside of the body, which results in increased length.

In fact, in one form of penis surgery, doctors actually cut this ligament, to allow the inner penis to slip forward. However, if this ligament is severed, you lose your erection angle. This is why the gentle stretching and elongating of the ligament is preferred by many men, over surgery. 

Three Penis Enlargement Exercises – Using No Equipment

Jelqing – Using an OK-grip, this penis exercise is both simple and effective. With your penis partially erect, slowly stroke up the penis shaft toward the glans. This not only brings nutrient rich blood into the penis, but also uses the same principles as muscle building to create increase length and girth. Check out our Jelqing Exercises page, with more links to this type of penis exercise and all its variations.

Stretching – Stretching exercises are another penis exercise great for beginners, with variations that are perfect for more advanced penis exercisers. Chances are you’ve seen pictures of  Kayan women, in Thailand, who from an early begin the process to stretch their necks. This same principle applies to penis stretching. You can learn about all of the different penis stretching exercises on our Stretching Exercises page.

Kegels – Although Kegels may not be penis exercises specifically geared for penis enlargement, they will give you harder, stronger and longer lasting erections! There are penis enlargement benefits indirectly from Kegeling, thanks to the improved blood flow to the penis. Check out our article Kegel Exercises for Men, for more information. 

The Commitment Problem 

The only downsides to attempting to enlarge your penis through exercise are that they must be done regularly (4 – 5 times a week) and you must follow a well-structured routine.

Exercising your penis is just like any other form of physical exercise: If you put in the effort and keep it up, you’ll reap the rewards; but if you’re half hearted in your approach, you won’t get any where.

The above sounds obvious, but the problem is that it’s really easy to underestimate just how difficult it can be to set aside 20 – 30 minutes of very private time per day; time where you can fully concentrate without interruption on what you’re doing.

Each exercise session will require your undivided attention to be effective. Some penile exercises – such as the Jelq – require a continual, uninterrupted action that can last 10-15 minutes or more as you progress.

On top of that, there’s a lot of learning involved – both as a beginner getting to grips with the exercises, and as you advance.

This isn’t a mechanical process where you just learn the basics and then keep doing the same thing until the goal is achieved.

On the contrary, success is only achieved by constantly adapting and refining your workouts in response to the progress you’re making – and that’s a process that requires a lot of mental effort, in addition to the commitment to stick to daily workouts. 


Safety Concerns 

Of course, attempting to enlarge your penis through exercise involves exerting significant physical stress on the penile tissues. It is the stress and strain of that physical stimulus that provides the stimulus for growth.

There is therefore, an inherent, but minimal risk attached to the use of penile exercise, just as there is with any other form of exercise.

But, if you intelligently follow a well-structured exercise routine and you apply the correct levels of stress at each stage of the training process, it’s near on impossible to do any serious damage.

On the contrary, you’ll experience nothing but positive effects.

The worst ‘injuries’ I experienced were a little bruising and slight soreness in the first week or so; symptoms that soon disappeared as my penis became accustomed to its new work load.

But like any type of physical exercise, if you do too much, too often or too intensely for what your body can handle, you run the risk of injuring yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, ‘Don’t go at it like a bull at a gate’.

Just as running a marathon will do more harm than good if you can barely jog around the park, the same is true of penile exercise.

So to stay safe it’s vital to gradually build up the intensity of your workouts by following a well-structured routine tailored to your stage of progress.

Similarly, you need to listen to your body.

If you feel any pain (which you shouldn’t) or your erections aren’t quite as strong, you know you’ve overtrained your penis and you should give it a break for a couple of days.

Done correctly (and I only ever recommend guides that show you how to do it correctly) it would be next to impossible to do any form of damage to your penis.

If you did, it would be because you ignored multiple, very noticeable warning signs.





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